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My Beach Cleaning Kit

When I first started out, I had my tote bag from 2MinuteBeachClean and nothing else and that is absolutely all you need - a bag and yourself!

However, my little kit has grown and I now carry an array of equipment in my little backpack!!

  • Beach Clean bags x 4
  • Black bags x 2
  • Gloves x 2
  • Mini First Aid Kit
  • Towel
  • Spade (found this on one of my cleans!)
  • Pocket Knife - be careful, not all knives are legal in the UK. If in doubt, don't carry one
  • Mini sharps box
  • Scales
  • Collapsible litter picker
  • Hand Gel!

If you're using the apps to log your finds, you will also want a camera with location tags turned on. I use an old phone, so there's not too much worry if it gets damaged. Following advice from Open Litter Map, I bought an old iPhone from eBay to use for this, as the location tagging is so much better than Android, it's saved me a lot of time filling in GPS black holes!

Update: My litter picker broke after only a couple of outings. I don't tend to use one anyway but if you prefer to use one maybe buy something more substantial - you get what you pay for!!