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Event Information and Documentation

For every event that I run, I work with the appropriate land owners and authorities to obtain permission and this usually requires providing a set of paperwork!

There is also health and safety advice to be provided at each event.

Whilst we are still subject to Covid-19 related restrictions, gathering at the beginning of events for health and safety information is discouraged and so I am providing this page to ensure everyone gets the information that they need.

If I have forgotten anything or you would like more information, please email me at seashorty@gmail.com or message me through my social media.

What should I bring?

Usually, just you! As a condition of permission to run the event I have to provide equipment for every attendee. This includes a litter picker and hi-ves vest. I do have gloves but at the moment providing gloves is not recommended, so please bring your own if you want to use gloves.

I will always provide bags

Please make sure you are appropriately dressed and are wearing sensible footwear!

What happens when I arrive?

When you've found me, let me know who you are so I can sign you in. I'll then give you your kit and send you on your way! Quick and easy.

You will be asked to wear a hi-vis vest, this is a condition of insurance and of event permission. I will provide a litter picker and a bag, pleas bring your own gloves.

I'm always happy to chat, just make sure at the moment that you are maintaining social distancing.

What about Covid-19?

Currently, I am running a booking system which allows me to control the numbers of people at events. The latest government guidance allows for 6 people to meet up, so no more than 5 people will be booked on any event.

I only bring enough equipment for the people attending, so you can't just turn up without booking. This also means that I am not carrying excess equipment and minimises infection across the kit.

I have a biocidal cleaner for the equipment which is used before and after any event. If I have more than one event in a weekend, the same kit is not re-used, so there will always be at least a week between equipment usage.

All soft items, such as hi-vis and cloth bags, are washed after every event and, again, won't be re-used until after a week has passed.

I always have a large bottle of hand sanitiser with me that you are welcome to use.

Most importantly, please remember to maintain social distancing, don't group up with other attendees, spread out across the beach.

Outside, the risk of infection is stated to be lower. I am able to contact people through the Eventbrite booking system if I were to need to get in touch with attendees from any event.

I have signed the BCP Council "Volunteer Litter Pick During Covid-19 Outbreak" form to confirm that I will adhere to the guidance and keep the event safe. A link to the document is provided under "Document Links" on this page.

Health and Safety Information

Every group has it's own version of the pre-event health and safety talk - essentially it is common sense.

If there are specific areas to be avoided at the event location, you will be advised of that on the day.

Don't pick up anything that you do not feel comfortable removing. If something is a cause for concern, please report back to me and I will take the appropriate action.

I always have sharps boxes on site, so if you find needles at a location please let me know and I will dispose of them.

Don't feel obliged to pick up dog poo, bagged or otherwise (or human poo, yes, it has happened!)

Please don't climb up cliff sides or over rock groynes. If you wish to tackle any areas that you have been asked not to, please ask me for a disclaimer form as you will not be covered under my insurance.

I have a first aid kit on site, if you do manage to hurt yourself please ask for help.

During all events, I will be in a fixed place and not cleaning along with you. This is so you can always find me for help and advice if required and it means I can ensure that I can see attendees and look out for any potential problems.

What will I find or what should I look for?

I think a lot of people assume that litter will be obvious, some of it certainly is. There are a lot of images of litter-strewn beaches, but that isn't usually the case on this stretch of coast (although it can be at the peak of summer!). You have to tune in your eyes, but once you do start spotting things you won't be able to stop!

You're looking for smaller litter usually. Sweet wrappers, microplastics, food packaging.

Take a look at my image gallery to see the sorts of things that I find locally.

Where can I find more information?

There are so many amazing organisations all around the world, but here are a few local and national ones to start with.

Are there any local litter picking groups I can join?

Absolutely! We have two established beach clean groups in the area and there are various other organisers who operate across Dorset